Consultancy – Fire & Security

Consultancy – Fire & Security

T&T Security

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Consulting on security protection and fire fighting is one of T&T Security’s services.
Our professional experts with an extensive range of experience will help you identify the remaining issues, predict the problems which may occur and suggest an exclusive solution for your demands:
  • Site survey and custom-made evaluation about security & safety measures
  • Consulting, designing and creating security & safety projects according to current applicable international and Vietnamese standards
  • Giving instructions & assisting in the site evaluation and submitting of the application for Fire Safety Approval according to Vietnam standard codes
  • Training and transfer of state-of-the-art security and safety systems and equipment
Our solutions are created to meet the requirements of specific environments such as industrial manufacturing, trading, banking – finance, office building, hotel and private residences.

Know-how – Expertise – Honest

These are always reflected in the consulting solutions of T&T Security