Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

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1. Warranty Period
Standard warranty period is 12 months or may differ from standard depending on requirements and agreement between the two parties.

2. Warranty Location
– Products of orders without services of installation will be warranted at our Head Office at 48A3 Tran Dinh Xu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
– Products of orders with services of installation/programming will be warranted at site.
– Warranty policies shall be applied when the Equipment has defects or malfunction due to Manufacturer’s fault and within the scope of Services performed by us.
– Warranty policies are not included defects due to Force Majeure, electricity shock, malfunction caused by misuse, failure to follow operating instructions, any sign of fire or deformation; warranty stamp is not intact; or out off warranty period.
– Repair period for warranty equipment:

  • In case the equipment can be fixed in Vietnam, the repair period shall be from 03 to 07 workings days, depends on the defective condition of equipment.
  • In case the Equipment needs to be sent to the manufacturer outside Vietnam, the repair period shall correspond to the repair period of the Manufacturer including time for sending and returning the equipment.

– During warranty period, Party A shall have to:

  • Comply with all the installation conditions and normal operation of the system.
  • Comply with operating instruction and warranty conditions.

– Hotline for technical support: 0902381039