Alarm Monitoring Service

T&T Security

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Having a security system that triggers intrusion alarm, fire alarm… would enable you to be calm in emergency cases. Facing threat and danger, you will not get into panic because you know that there will be forces of T&T Security’s Response team, police, fire brigade and medical first aid who are ready and dedicated to quick response whenever there is an alarm.
Our Alarm Monitoring Service is trusted and used over the country. With this service you will be free from worry whether you are away from home or in case you need a medical first aid.
The alarm device at your home or office automatically communicates with our Alarm Monitoring Center via two-way radio, telephone line, internet, 3/4G. Our Alarm Monitoring Center operates 24/7 and immediately notices any alarm signals from subscribers. When an alarm signal is received, our Response Team together with the 113 Police, Local Police, Fire Brigade (if any) and Medical first aids will immediately be deployed to prevent robbery, fire and provide medical assistance.