Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

T&T Security

Your Reliable Partner

T&T Security is specialized in consulting technical designs, supplying and installing fire alarm and fire fighting systems. From big-scale projects like airport, seaport, industrial parks, warehouses and bank facilities to your private residence, we are ready to serve you.

We can design and supply the systems:

  • Fire Detection & Alarm, Voice Evacuation and Early Smoke Warning System
  • Fire Pump and Water-based Fire Fighting System (hose, sprinkler, spray, drencher…)
  • Foam Fire Suppression System
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher and Trolley
  • Gas Fire Suppression System: FM200, Novec1230, CO2, Inergen; Water Mist, Wet & Dry Chemical, Aerosol
  • Emergency staircase air booster, corridor smoke exhaust, lightning protection system
  • Fire Fighting System for heavy industry, oil & gas, marine, data center…

Follow international warranty standards and a 24/7 professional maintenance, T&T Security will be the most secure for the safety of your investment

T&T Security always update the latest technologies to provide solutions
that adapt to the world’s current technical standards